Life Transitions

What do the following have in common?

Moving from a long-time family home, going off to college, retiring, changing jobs, having children, facing an empty-nest when children are grown, caregiving, adjusting after a disability, deployment, and moving into assisted living or other facility?

These are transitions that many of us and our loved ones encounter in our lifetimes. Capstone Center can help explore and process reactions to these changes, build on existing strengths, and connect to vital resources that can help to facilitate a positive transition.

Here are 5 quick tips for coping with life transitions:

    1) Gather helpful information about the transition you’re experiencing.
    2) Remember it is not uncommon for people to feel unsettled, and even scared during transitions.
    3) Ask for help. This can be a sign of strength rather than weakness.
    4) Draw on your strengths, including your support system.
    5) Take care of yourself and remember to breathe!

We are here for you. Our counselors are ready to listen. Connect with Capstone to learn about our counseling services. By phone: (850) 219-8985 or email