Our Team

Pam Mezzina, LCSW, Center Director/Counselor

At Capstone Center, we believe that connection is the path to healing and hope. One of Pam’s career goals has been to connect people and organizations to counseling, education, and to inspire wellness and growth. Pam genuinely listens and guides individuals as they explore solutions to life’s challenges. Pam has expertise rooted in more than 25 years of counseling with youth and adults. Her specialties include grief, loss, bereavement, pet loss, suicide loss and Therapeutic Touch. She lends her experience to help businesses and non-profits create emotionally supportive workplaces through our Employee Wellness Program. Regardless of how or why someone comes to Capstone Center, Pam and the Capstone team create a safe and uplifting environment in which to heal, learn, and grow.

E-Mail: pam@connectwithcapstone.com

Jessica Duncan, Sales and Marketing Manager

Jessica contributes a great deal of local experience to Capstone Center. Her professional background is in sales and marketing in both for-profit and non-profit capacities, and also in being able to connect individuals and business owners with her extensive knowledge of available resources in our area. As a small business owner herself, Jessica loves the work involved in maintaining a successful and meaningful start-up in Tallahassee. She also understands the importance of taking care of your staff to add value to the workplace, and to ensure that everyone within that workplace is performing at the best of their abilities. The staff at Capstone Center is working hard to provide a unique, uplifting, and needed opportunities to individuals, groups, and businesses in our community and Jessica is eager to show you the benefits.

E-Mail: jessica@connectwithcapstone.com

We are here for you. Please connect with Capstone to learn more or to schedule services. By phone: (850)219-8985 or email pam@connectwithcapstone.com.