Pet Loss

If you’re an animal lover, you know this profound sense of loss. You know the swelling of grief that comes at the sight of an empty food bowl, a lifeless collar, an empty cage or pillow. At Capstone Center, we know that your grief is real. Here are five tips to help you heal after the loss of a beloved pet:

  • Learn about the grief process. (We have information that can help.)
  • Each person grieves in their own way and time. Your grief may go unrecognized by some (i.e. “It was just a pet.”), while others may try to rush you into getting another pet. Trust your feelings and take the time you need to make these decisions.
  • Commemorate your pet’s life through a ceremony or act of service. For example, plant a tree, make a photo album, or donate to an animal aid society in your pet’s honor.
  • It takes time to “unlearn” the presence of a beloved pet and to heal your heart. Be patient with yourself.
  • It’s OK to ask for help. Turn to other animal lovers or trusted people for support or look on the web for resources. This is one that I have used:

We are also here for you. Our counselors are ready to listen. Connect with Capstone to learn about our Pet Loss services. By phone: (850) 219-8985 or email